Here are some resources that may be helpful along your healing journey.



21st century prophets

This books by Guru Singh is inspired reading for all spiritual teachers - including you!


Resurface is a gorgeous documentary about a surfing program for veterans healing from post traumatic stress.

Healing Back Pain

healing back pain

Many survivors have chronic back pain. Healing Back Pain by Dr. John E. Sarno healed mine. 


Learn hand positions that heal ailments like asthma, indigestion & stress.

The Book of Chakras - heal energetic imbalances

The Book of chakras

Learn about your seven chakras and how to heal any energetic imbalances in your body.

The Body Keeps the Score

Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk gracefully explains the science of healing trauma. There’s a chapter on yoga and trauma.

The Courage To Heal - A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse


The Courage To Heal by Ellen Bass & Laura Davis is first book I ever read about sexual trauma. It saved my life.


Eat Feel Fresh by Sahara Rose helps me take good care of my precious body.



basic spinal series

This yoga set helps keep your spine healthy.

Squat pose

This yoga pose, also known as malasana, helps with digestion and opens tight hips.

Restorative yoga for sexual assault survivors

restorative yoga video

Helps my nervous system relax, really nice evening practice.


I don’t always feel comfortable in my body, but wearing this ThirdLove bra really helps.


Being in water is deeply healing for many survivors — take a bath, dive in a pool, float on some waves…

In addition to doing yoga for sexual assault healing, foam rollers work out knots caused by post-traumatic stress


Use this thing to work out knots in your muscles and release tension caused by post-traumatic stress.

Yin Yoga - yoga for sexual assault healing

YIN YOGa for groin VIDEO

Relax your inner groin, a place that tends to hold stress from sexual and emotional trauma.

Yin Yoga for sexual trauma healing

sacral chakra yoga video

Beautiful class for the second chakra, which often needs healing from sexual trauma.

Gua sha

Ancient Chinese self-healing practice.

cleansing acne pads

Nervous system imbalance can cause breakouts. I love these cooling pads that help calm my skin.



Summer Solstice festival

This week-long yoga celebration will allow you to connect deeply with your soul — it’s so much fun.

Hidden Water - healing for sexual assault survivors

healing circles

Hidden Water hosts virtual circles to help individuals heal from the impact of child sexual abuse within a family.

The Rape Foundation - care for rape survivors and sexually abused children.


Donate to support state-of-the-art, comprehensive care to rape survivors and sexually abused children.

Zabie - uses yoga for sexual assault healing

Zabie’s INstagram

Zabie uses yoga and meditation to heal from sexual assault. Her Instagram account is raw and super inspiring.


cyg podcast

Inspired feminist podcast, hosted by survivor Aminatou Sou and her bestie Ann Friedman.

reality riffing podcast

Badass futuristic podcast hosted by Guru Jagat. She’s a force to be reckoned with.

EMDR therapy helps in processing unresolved trauma


EMDR therapy works miracles in processing unresolved trauma. It has transformed my life.


This Is Me from the musical The Greatest Showman.

“This is me”

A self-affirming song a fellow survivor shared with me. For more inspirational messages, visit my Journal page.

Mantras and yoga for sexual assault healing

Laya yoga mantra

This powerful mantra connects you with your destiny. It amplifies your speech, so be mindful of your words after chanting.

Just Let It Go by India Arie

“just let it go”

India Arie is the real deal.
Sing along and set yourself freeeeeee.

Woman Warrior - Kesha


This song by Kesha expresses so much of what was in my heart for years.

Snatam Kaur’s music helps heal

Snatam kaur

Listen to Snatam Kaur's music for some seriously healing vibes.