Did She Know?

Did she know,
eon ago,
how dusty the road would be,
when she was born?

Eon ago,
a purple ring
rounded her moon.

Did she know
that lifetime after lifetime,
someone would try
to steal her body?

Did she know
they would steal her
from the insides out
and she would take herself back,
again and again?

Lifetime after lifetime,
she reels in her organs like a broken fishing line.

Because eon ago,
she sipped a freedom
that burned like bourbon
and sent deep blue waves
through her veins.

And she promised her soul
she would never let it go.


long and deep

do it again

don't do it perfect


notice that you need to inhale to exhale

notice how your lungs hurt



bite down on him

instead of your aching teeth

tell him the truth through a smile

how many rapes does it take

to make it stop

to find peace and freedom and safety in our bodies


i see a world beyond this

in which women are loved and free

in which we heal ourselves

and each other


i can see it

i feel it

it's here